About us

Mildred Herrera and her team are a group of professionals working exclusively in Mexican Immigration Law, specializing in immigration for individuals, families and business. We are experienced and dedicated. Our goal is to comply with immigration laws and other derivatives of Mexican law. Our service assists foreigners in the process of complying with Mexican Immigration laws, and obtaining the most appropriate visa. Our promise is to provide this service to you in the shortest possible time and with the utmost professionalism.


Emma Davies - Toronto, Canada
I came to Mexico for holidays, and to Playa del Carmen for its amazing beaches. While I was here, I decided I wanted to stay and get a job. I thought the easiest place to get a job was in a resort because there are a lot in Riviera Maya. Thankfully I contacted Legally in Mexico! They helped me with the few papers I needed to start the process, and together we applied for a visa to work. In no time, I had my FM3. I’m grateful for the quality of service of this company.
Maribel Jiménez - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
When I arrived to Mexico I had a student visa and I wanted to stay in Cancun and work in something where I could apply what I'd just studied. What a big surprise when they told me I wouldn't need to go back to my country to apply from there! Now I have my FM3, I’m working and I don’t need to worry about my immigration status. Thanks to Legally in Mexico my dream is reality!
Enrique Domínguez - Cancun, Quintana Roo
My wife is from Cuba, I wanted to bring her here but it was looking impossible and expensive. I contacted Legally in Mexico and they helped me with all her papers and in a month my wife was next to me. Now we're in the process of bringing her kids here. I’m very happy to have her with me.