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I want to go and work in Mexico, must I have a job offer before applying for my visa?

Yes, if your desire is to come to Mexico with a work permit, the first thing you should do is apply for a job and ask the company in Mexico for a job offer letter, which must go with your employer registration record.

Can you process everything from Mexico, so I only need to go to the appointment at the Mexican embassy?

Yes. We can definitely do that. There are two options depending on the type of visa you want. First, we can send all the necessary documents to you, in your country of residence and introduce you to your nearest Mexican embassy. You'll then have an interview and complete the paperwork there. Or alternatively, we can apply from Mexico and send you the authorization when your visa is approved. Then you would only need to go to your nearest Mexican embassy for your interview.

I already have a FM3 or FM2, and wish to apply as a resident. Can I apply under the new law?

Yes, if you already have an FM3 or FM2, depending on your situation, you can apply for a temporary resident, temporary resident student, permanent resident or resident on humanitarian grounds.

I have a company and want to hire a foreigner, what should I do?

We will help you open a proof of employment register for your company. The register is a series of papers to demonstrate and prove that it is a legitimate business, working today.
If you don't have proof of registration of the employer, you will not be able to hire any foreigner.